Tuesday, November 8, 2011

interior design

Your home is your personal showcase. Try different looks within it, just to see what looks good. While you may have found the perfect interior decoration for your living room, try switching things up. While it may not be the look for you, someone else may like it. Plus, you'll have the chance to step back and figure out why something doesn't look right—or why it looks great.

Tap your friends for help. There's no reason you can't offer your interior design services to friends, as long as you get to take pictures of the finished product for your portfolio. Be sure to take before-and-after pictures to showcase your interior designer talent as you create a wonderful living space. If cost is a problem, try using what is currently there or find different, cheaper options, like moving furniture from other rooms in the house.


Attend home shows as an interior designer. Take your portfolio, dress up a corner of the booth, or raffle off a free interior design consultation. Your name needs to be out there in order to create a business.

Try and visit home shows even if you don't rent any space. Introduce yourself to the various participants and hand out business cards. Get in touch with established interior designers; ask them how they got started, if they have any tips for someone just starting out. Usually there is plenty of business in an area to go around. Talk to builders and contractors, offering interior decoration for their model homes.

Make sure you have good business cards. They are often your longest-lasting impression on potential clients, and a badly designed card doesn't fill people with confidence that you'll do great interior decoration. You don't want to be a nuisance, but giving your business card when you are introduced to someone is a good way to get your name out there.


What type of interior design do you want to do? If you want to work on office buildings, building a portfolio of cozy bedrooms will not help you much. If you want to create wonderful interior decoration on a shoestring budget, talking to a contractor who works on multimillion dollar homes will likely be a waste.

Continue to learn your craft:

Even if you take every step known to man to become an interior designer, if you forget to continue learning your craft, you will likely not get far. Interior design changes regularly. Trends alter, offices and homes change, and you should be prepared to adjust. Subscribe to interior design magazines, join a group of decorating professionals, make sure you watch trends– basically take steps so that you and your work never become stagnant. Only in this way can you offer fresh ideas to your clients.

There isn't a quick way to be an interior designer, particularly if you want to be a good one. However, the above steps will hopefully ease your way along that path. Above all, be sure to enjoy your chosen profession, for that's the best way in which you can always please yourself and your client.

If you would like a career in interior design, then it is essential that you take interior design courses. Interior design courses will cover the basic principles and elements of interior design and ensure that you have the knowledge to embark on a career as an interior designer. It’s important to understand that there is a difference between and interior designer and an interior decorator. An interior designer is a trained professional who deals with the underlying concepts of design as they pertain to space. An interior decorator focuses on the decorations of a room, where the designer is the one with the training who determines the best use of design principles to transform a space into a visual work of art.

There are many signs that a person would make an excellent interior designer. Interior designers are often very alert, taking in their surrounding environments with a keen interest. If you find that when you go some place, you are quickly observing the surrounding physical space and are redesigning the area in your mind, you should consider a career in interior design. Those who have a natural talent for interior design are often very artistic as well as creative. If you think a career in interior design is right for you, then you should consider taking interior design courses.

It’s also important that those who are interested in careers in interior design know how to work well with other people. Not only will the interior designer be part of a team that must work together to complete the project, but also he and she must be able to communicate well with clients and contractors. Taking interior design courses can help many gain the skills they need to become professional designers.

The area of interior design is vast, and there are many interior design courses that you will need to take to ensure that you are prepared. You might choose to take a diploma course as this is convenient and can be completed in a time frame that works with your schedule. One important class that you will need to take will focus on drawing and the aspects of making models, using computers, and creating 3D objects for the purpose of design. As an interior designer, you will focus on much more than simply choosing fabrics or art prints. You will focus on the overall design of structures from an architectural point of view. It is this knowledge that will be used later in your career, to ensure that you can fully maximize a room’s special potential.
Interior decorator
Another very important aspect of interior design has to deal with color. It isn’t enough simply to understand space and design. You must know the principles of color and light and use them in a variety of ways. There are numerous ways in which interior designers use light and color to create a number of different effects. Choose interior design courses that offer these classes.

In addition to architecture, light, and color interior design courses must also focus on the business side of the job. Interior designers must know how to market themselves in the business world and understand the correct tactics used for interacting with contracting companies as well as clients.
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